One Way Glass : Jason Charney

flashes, secrets, snags

One Way Glass


snag 4 : Warren Enström


the programs are to be folded in a way that allows them to contain a thimble’s worth of glitter so that when audience members open them, they are showered with glitter.  use as fine of glitter as possible.

* * *


[performed 14 & 15 April 2016, UCSD, San Diego CA]

snag 3 : Warren Enström


cut open the seat of a randomly-selected chair and replace the stuffing with enough raw eggs so that there is little visual difference between the modified chair and the other, regular chairs.  use the stuffing as necessary to make the chair’s seat appear normal. sew the seat shut.

* * *


[performed 13 April 2016 at UCSD, San Diego CA]

[performed 15 April 2016 at Bread & Salt, San Diego CA]